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Leichhardt - Along Ruined Castle Creek

(Eight Months with Dr Leichhardt 1846 1847 page 25)

On the 29th, we continued our journey. The valleys we traversed were extremely picturesque, being studded with arborescent ~zamia, cypress pine (collitris), dogwood (Jacksonia), and many other trees. They were hemmed in by banks, or hills, of great height and steepness, from time summit of which extensive views of tile surrounding country were obtained.

Expedition range, with mounts Nicholson and Aldis were conspicuous objects; the latter being a perfect cone. Time country ahead was intersected by the deep ravines and gorges of Ruined Castle creek. Owing to the precipitous nature of time country we had much difficulty in finding a pathway by which we could descend into this valley. At length, proceeding by single file around the base of perpendicular cliffs we reached the main watercourse. The valley soon opened out to a fine grassy country, surrounded by high hills topped by sandstone cliffs. Water seemed plentiful, and numerous branches united with the main stream.