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Henry Russell’s Impressions of Leichhardt

“A graphic account of Leichhardt is given in the Genesis of Queensland by Henry Stuart Russell. When the famous explorer was contemplating his first overland expedition to North Queensland Russell met him under the following circumstances: "One afternoon in the middle of 1844, when within half a mile of the cottage on the west branch of the Condamine, I saw a surprising object—an old fashioned tall black hat, a suitable chimney pot. Whose was the black hat? 'Twas Dr. Ludwig Leichhardt's. Introduced, we simultaneously lifted our head gear. I took off my own, wholly in astonishment at seeing the fine face opposite suddenly bespattered with half a bushel of flowers, leaves and vegetable specimens; the hat, too, was girt around by sundry creepers and climbers, with here and there a beetle speared to the rim.”