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Eight Months with Dr. Leichhardt as seen by John F Mann

The Doctor was a tall man, six feet in height; he had lost a considerable amount of flesh since leaving Sydney which gave him the appearance of greater height. He wore at this time a Malay hat of conical shape, a most serviceable-covering;’ the lower part of his face was hidden by a bushy, light-brown beard and moustache; a very old, greasy, long tweed coat, which had seen service on a former occasion, partly hid a red woollen shirt; his moleskin trousers did not quite reach to his low boots, these were tied with string. He preferred to carry a sword as he could not use a gun, this was slung in such a manner—the handle projecting behind him—that he would have found it a difficult matter to grasp it in case he required to do so. Being now troubled with boils, he had one stirrups long and the other as short as possible.